Black and Blue Plaid

_MG_9718It’s finally gotten cool enough here in Wisconsin to begin wearing long sleeves. I love spring and summer but there is something about the fall months that’s just wonderful.


This outfit was born out of a rushed search for clothes one Sunday morning last winter. I had worn the blouse a few times with a vest but wasn’t crazy about the ensemble.


When I pulled the top out of my closet, I saw the black ribbon lying on my dresser. It dresses the top up perfectly and defines the waist nicely.


Trying to get some post ideas, are any of you interested in a hair tutorial for this style?



Blue plaid blouse: rummage sale: $.25
Black t-shirt: Goodwill: $3.99
Black Skirt: HannahLise: $25 (This is the best black skirt ever. It’s washable, doesn’t need ironing and is super durable. I highly recommend it. I also have it in taupe.)
Necklace: Kohls, a long time ago
Earrings: Gift from my sister-in-law
Ballet Flats: Walmart: $19.99


4 thoughts on “Black and Blue Plaid

  1. Jane Lange

    very nice. 😉 i like how you post the cost and places you purchased the items. Keep it up!! My Abbey is trying new hair ideas too, so yes, please share the hair tutorials 🙂

    1. Abbie Sikma Post author

      No, my ears aren’t (and never have been) pierced. Amy, my sister-in-law, found a pair of cute clip-on earrings at Kohls. 🙂 Now, I’m searching for more styles.

      The hair styles over at the Freckled Fox have been quite the source of inspiration for me, too, lately.


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