Days of Gratitude, Part Two


Here’s part two in my Days of Gratitude series. Go here to read part one.

26.  My Bible
27.  Missionary biographies
28.  Books on the Christian life
29.  Lamplighter books
30.  Books on young womanhood (I’ll review some of my favorites eventually.)
31.  Audio books
32.  Used bookstores
33.  Antique stores
34.  Sacred music
35.  Classical music
36.  Christmas music
37.  Musical instruments and, in particular,
38.  Violin
39.  Piano
40.  Symphony performances
41.  Christmas plays
42.  Handel’s Messiah
43.  Cooking
44.  Baking
45.  Kitchen Aid Mixers
46.  Vintage Pyrex
47.  Crock-pots
48.  Hot, soapy dishwater
49.  Rooibos tea
50.  Good hot chocolate


2 thoughts on “Days of Gratitude, Part Two

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