Days of Gratitude, Part Three


Part three in my Thanksgiving series, Days of Gratitude. Click here to view part one and part two.

51.  Rainy days with a cup of tea and a book
52.  Family outings
53.  Fresh snow
54.  Snowball fights with siblings
55.  Heated vehicles
56.  The color purple
57.  Evenings with friends
58.  Good health
59.  Special church services
60.  Vacations in the Northwoods
61.  Singing in the church choir
62.  Good cookbooks
63.  Ghiardelli chocolate (I am my father’s daughter. :))
64.  Babies
65.  New sacred arrangements for violin
66.  Piano duets with my sisters
67.  Long walks
68.  The woods
69.  Special times with sisters
70.  Bicycling
71.  Instant messaging with friends around the world
72.  Rummage sales
73.  Goodwill
74.  Thick sweaters
75.  Correspondence with friends


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