Home Business Feature | Ribbons by Rachel

Today I am delighted to feature a home-based business started by a young lady very close to me. Rachel is one of my cousins and her hard work and diligence is such an example. She has created a successful home business from scratch. Each of Rachel’s products is carefully handmade. 

Have you ever had a moment when you need to mark a place in your Bible but you don’t want to move your ribbon and you don’t have a bookmark handy? Rachel has created the perfect solution.

Rachel designed a lovely, multi-ribbon bookmark. I have found mine useful for marking my daily Bible reading, Bible studies, and sermon references. She offers three different sizes.

The bookmarks all feature a tab that slide into the binding of your Bible to keep the ribbon mark firmly in place. There is no glue or adhesive so it won’t  damage the binding of your Bible and you can switch them out at any time.

She offers a great variety of colors. Here are just a few.

Brown and Pink

Yellow and Gray


and many more!

Each bookmark is $7. Rachel has a Christmas sale going on right now. She’s offering a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” deal on her ribbon bookmarks so you don’t have to pick just one favorite ribbon combo. You can order here.

Rachel also offers these beautiful bracelets. Here are a couple of her colors.

Orange and Emerald Floral

Blue and Pink Dots

Rachel’s bracelets are only $12! It’s hard to beat that incredible price for a beautiful accessory.

Feel free to contact Rachel with any questions.


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