Gray and Pink Argyle

Finally, another outfit post! Wisconsin is cold and we have almost a foot of snow on the ground. Despite the wintery weather, Anna, Chloe and I braved the cold to snap pictures. The crossed arms in these pictures give you an idea of how chilly it was. 🙂


I found this sweater at a thrift store on Friday. It was on the half-price rack and came to a grand total of $3.


I paired it with a black skirt and gray/silver flats.


I wore a gray turtleneck underneath for warmth and added a necklace to dress it up.


Gray turtleneck: hand-me-down: free
Pink and Gray Argyle Sweater: Thrift store: $3
Black Skirt: Hannah Lise: $25
Gray Shoes: Goodwill: $5
Necklace: Kohls: a long time ago


3 thoughts on “Gray and Pink Argyle

  1. Heather

    I love it! I have a gray/black/purple argyle sweater, and it is probably my favorite outfit paired with a gray a-line skirt:) After seeing your link to Hannah Lise on another previous post, I ordered a denim skirt from them and I love it! I’ll probably order some more eventually. Also…can totally agree with the cold! The temperature is -19 here today, and who knows what the windchill is! So glad I don’t have to travel to teach any music lessons today:) Have a blessed day!

  2. Elisabeth

    Love this outfit, Abbie! Great job with this pairing and pictures.

    You know who is looking more and more like you? Emily… These pictures really bring it home.

    Thanks for sharing; we really appreciate it here in Columbus, and Merry Christmas to you!


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