Khaki and Blue

It’s been quiet on here lately. I got back late Sunday night after traveling with an evangelistic team from my church. (The three most recent posts were written in advance and scheduled for my absence.) I was in Florida for two weeks and thoroughly enjoyed the warm weather! More on the trip in a later post.

I wore my favorite khaki skirt with a blue hoodie.

photo 4

I probably should have worn my black flats to coordinate with my black t-shirt but the brown shoes were more comfortable.

photo 3a

Gotta’ love it when girls get their picture taken. “Hm, this angle is not very good.” “I don’t like my hair here.” “Oh, that one is really cute.” 🙂

Blue hoodie: Kohls: $10 (on sale)
Black t-shirt: Goodwill: $3.99
Khaki skirt: HannahLise: hand-me-down from my mom
Brown flats: Kohls: $25 (on sale)


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