Florida Trip | Personal

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently had the privilege of traveling to Florida for two weeks. I traveled with the Minutemen Ministries team helping with the War of Special Forces. The War is a three-night, teen competition run by Dr. Jim Van Gelderen. God has used it mightily over the years and hundreds of teens have been saved.

Here, the team captains, Andrew, Alex, and John sing “Sound the Battle Cry”.

Dr. Jim preaching.

Several of the competitions use a 4-foot ball. This game is “Big Ball Basketball”.

“Big Ball Volleyball”–it takes three people to serve the ball over the “net”.

I had a blast with Janna! 🙂

Final score for the first week–my brother’s team was Recon. Yay!

Ariel travels with the Van Gelderens as their school teacher. She is an awesome roommate and we made lots of memories!

The indoor competitions were sometimes almost as intense as the outdoor competitions.

Skit time!

My brother gave his testimony several times.

Andrew and I on one of our “rest” days.

Janna, Ariel, Abbie, and Annaleese

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to travel. We saw God work in some incredible ways. I was personally able to lead 4 young ladies to Christ and counseled several others through some sin issues. As Christians, it’s exciting to know that we can have victory in Jesus Christ.


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