Gray and Pink Stripes | Life

It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted. My apologies to you faithful readers; life has been marching rapidly by. During the last week of February, I volunteered in our church kitchen. Our church hosts the Victory Conference every year but this was my first year to work in the kitchen. It was so much fun to work with like-minded ladies doing one of my favorite things—cooking!


I pulled the pieces for this outfit together in an attempt to find something to brighten up these cold winter days while staying warm. It’s been bitterly cold here in Wisconsin.


This pink-striped scarf did a great job of adding a pop of color. It’s just a long scarf with the ends tied together to form an infinity scarf.


(Yes, I play cello but I’m not very proficient.)

Black t-shirt: Goodwill: $3
Gray sweater: Goodwill: $4
Denim skirt: Goodwill: $5
Pink Scarf: Borrowed from my sister

Anybody have some good tips on shooting with a Canon camera? Ours has been giving us trouble, thus the slightly blurry photos above. If you look closely enough, you’ll see that each picture has one clear, focused spot while the rest is slightly blurred. Tips, ideas, and advice would be appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Gray and Pink Stripes | Life

  1. Frank Family

    Abbie – might sound simple, but make sure your outer cover / filter of the lens is clean on both sides as well as the lens face to the camera. Make sure to use cloth that will not scratch!! – Franks!

  2. Sarah Covey

    Hi Abbie,
    I was wondering what Canon camera you use? I don’t have any advice, I was wondering because I just got a Canon camera and am looking for “tutorials” on how to use it better 🙂

    1. Abbie Sikma Post author


      I use an older Canon camera. It’s a Canon 20D that we got off eBay a number of years ago. It did not come with a manual so I’ve had to learn by trial and error. Basically, I look at a setting, wonder “what’s that for?”, Google it and learn how and why I should use it. Also, from what I’ve read elsewhere, read your camera manual. It’ll help you learn what buttons control which function.

      Hope this helps!


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