Book Review | Growing Up Duggar

I was excited when I first heard the Duggar sisters were writing a book. I had the opportunity to meet several of Duggars a couple of years ago and I enjoyed talking to them. I appreciate the testimony their family has had to millions of people. I requested the girls’ book for my birthday and it arrived a few days after its release. Here are my thoughts on the book. 

Book Title: Growing Up Duggar
Authors: Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger Duggar
Published: 2014
Genre: Non-fiction
Length: 256 pages

In Growing Up Duggar, as the subtitle suggests, the sisters discuss the relationships that every girl has. For example, we all have relationships with ourselves, with God, with siblings, with guys, with the world, etc. Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger each take turns sharing how they have built relationships. They recount honest accounts of issues they’ve had to deal with. Throughout the book, you’ll also enjoy humorous anecdotes of a family of 21.

I especially enjoyed the chapter on relationships with siblings. As the oldest sister to 10 siblings, it was encouraging, thought-provoking and convicting. The sisters encourage older siblings to find ways to praise their younger siblings. Younger kiddos delight in hearing, “Good job!” from an older sibling. Jessa points out, “As older siblings, our words and actions have so much power–they can either boost or shoot down our younger brothers’ and sisters’ self-esteem.”


Jill, Jinger, Jana, and I–April 2012.

I highly recommend the book for girls of all ages (guys may enjoy it, too). 🙂 Easy and enjoyable to read, you will be challenged and encouraged to build Christ-honoring relationships. And, here’s a bonus. Chelsy over at It’s a Beautiful Life is hosting a giveaway for a copy of Growing Up Duggar. Giveaway ends March 20th.

1. Jessa Duggar, Growing Up Duggar (New York, Howard Books, 2014), 75.

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