Laundry Room Organization

I had a moment of inspiration while browsing Pinterest a couple of weeks ago. If you follow me, you probably saw all the laundry organization ideas I was pinning. 🙂 Our laundry room is a nice size but the shape can be difficult to work with. For years, we’ve used various cloth and canvas organizers to hold our dirty laundry. With all the laundry our family processes in one day, however, we needed a better solution. Not only were our organizers having trouble withstanding all the wear and tear but they also have a tendency to get mildewed. Pinterest held the perfect solution. Read on!


That pile in the basket is clean laundry that needs to be ironed. The dirty laundry organizer is in the lower right of the picture (yes, it’s ripped).


Not only were these cabinets ugly but they were hard to use. The sliding doors didn’t allow you to see everything in the cabinet.


We took the doors off and prepped the frame for paint.


My talented dad lowered the countertop and installed a second.


Paint drastically changed the room. I love fresh, white paint.


The baskets on the bottom shelf are for dirty towels and dirty whites. The baskets on top are designated for dirty colors and clean clothes that need to be ironed.


I sewed a curtain to protect our VCR from detergent drips. It’s a heavy, durable fabric that was given to me. Perfect for the job!


Dad also installed a shelf above the laundry baskets.


We picked up baskets at the dollar store to organize all the stuff in the cabinets.


With just a few dollars investment and a little bit of time, we now have a bright, organized laundry room.


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