An Open Letter to My Mom


An open letter to my dear Mom on this Mother’s day. I am incredibly blessed.

Dear Mom,

When Mother’s Day approaches each year, I’m usually unsure of the best way to express my thanks and appreciation for you. I can’t always find the right words to tell you how much I love you. This year, however, I have had words swirling through my mind.

Mom, thanks for choosing to be a stay-at-home mom. You have chosen, in the world’s eyes, the less popular path. In my eyes, you chose the loftier goal. Each day that you tirelessly pour yourself into serving our family, you are choosing to know your children’s hearts. You have faithfully done our laundry, cooked our meals, and cleaned our home. And while you have done it, you have learned our likes and dislikes, our struggles and victories, and our deepest thoughts. You have taken time to know each of us.

Mom, thank you for educating us at home. You not only taught us the basics of life and learning, but you also prepared and equipped us to face life’s challenges. You have given us the tools to learn. Our library will testify to the fact that you have fed our mental appetites with good, wholesome thoughts. You have taught us how learn from the everyday experiences.

Most importantly, Mom, thank you for your spiritual example in our home. From a young age, you have instilled God’s Word into our hearts. You continually stressed the importance of a strong relationship with the Lord. By example you have encouraged us to begin our day with the Lord. For several of us, you personally showed us from God’s Word how we could have a home in Heaven.

Thank you for your more than twenty-five years of faithful motherhood, Mom. You are an example to your family, your friends, and the world of what godly motherhood looks like. I love you so much!




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