To My Dad on Father’s Day

IMG_2703 copy

I love this candid picture of my dad. The photographer for my brother’s wedding snapped it and it’s become one of my favorites from the entire day. 

Dear Dad,

I am incredibly blessed to be able to call you, “Daddy”. You are the best father a girl could have. You have been actively involved in my life. You have taken interest in me, in what I enjoy doing, and have encouraged me.

Dad, I’m so grateful for your Godly leadership in my life. There have been times in the past when I haven’t completely understood why we did or did not do a certain thing, but I always knew your decision was not lightly taken. I know there will be times in the future that I won’t understand “why”, but I choose to trust you.

Dad, thanks for being willing to be different from “the crowd”. Many times, you have encouraged us to base our actions not on what our peers may say, but on what the Bible states. And you have led by example.

Dad, thanks for showing us what a Godly man looks like. You are unafraid to stand for truth. You are willing to be honest and humble in front of your family. You are a witness to a lost world. You are a wonderful example of the man your sons need to be and the man your daughters need to marry.

I love you so much.

Your little girl,


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