Your Family in Pictures | Book Review

Although intended for parents, I found Me Ra Koh’s book Your Family in Pictures a very helpful guide to taking better pictures. I’m often lost behind my camera and am unsure of how to get a good picture. Koh simply and clearly lays out “recipes” for pictures that will become favorites for years.

If you have ever wondered what exactly ISO is and why your shutter speed matters, then this book is for you. With plenty of beautiful pictures spread throughout the book, you will continually refer to this guide as you practice your photography skills. Several pages include tips such as what to wear or how to make your black and white photos pop.

I did appreciate how Koh emphasized that you don’t need the latest camera to get good pictures. Rather, use the camera that is closest, even if it’s your phone. The point is to capture the moment. I have definitely been inspired to pull out my camera more often.

Note: There are a few pictures scattered throughout the book that I did not like. I recommend that you “edit” the book before leaving it around the house for siblings or children to look at.

Disclaimer: Blogging for Books sent this book to me in exchange for my honest and thoughtful review. 


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